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Welcome to NWHHC's About Page

This page will tell you what NWHHC's mission is and what our policies are.

Mission Statement

NWHHC's goal is to issue accurate tropical cyclone forecasts and convey any possible threat from a tropical cyclone to those who may be affected.


NWHHC has a few policies, which we will follow during the hurricane season. Listed are some of these policies.

1. We will issue tropical cyclone updates for active systems in the Northwest Hemisphere. These updates will be issued roughly every six hours for systems not threatening land, every three hours for systems for which watches and warnings are issued and as needed when a system is about to make landfall. Also, NWHHC will issue special or emergency updates if significant changes are occurring and the public needs to be informed immediately. It should be noted that there may be times where updates will not be issued according to the schedule. Please understand that NWHHC does not have the team that NHC has; thus, it may be hard to follow that schedule all of the time.

2. NWHHC will recommend watches and warnings for coastal areas being threatened. The watches and warnings that we recommend will be the ones carried in the tropical cyclone updates. These alerts may differ from NHC advisories.

3. NWHHC will include any mandatory evacuation orders in the tropical cyclone updates as they become available to NWHHC. In addition, we will include recommended evacuations for areas that we have determined are at risk from the tropical cyclone.

NWHHC will make every effort to produce updates in Spanish and French when appropriate so that those who do not speak Enlgish will be made aware of any threats from a tropical cyclone

Other Information

NWHHC is one of just two non-governmental organizations which issue verifiable track forecasts (the other being tropicalupdate.com). NWHHC also issues verifiable intensity forecasts.

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